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Daewoo (Hangul: 대우, Hanja: 大宇, Korean pronunciation: [tɛu]; literally "great universe" and a portmanteau of "dae" meaning great, and the given name of founder and chairman Kim Woo-jung) also known as the Daewoo Group, was a major South Korean chaebol (type of conglomerate) and car manufacturer. It was founded on 22 March 1967 as Daewoo Industrial and was declared bankrupt on 1 November 1999, wi...

One angry former employeer shared this in a review "At Daewoo Co. you have to deal with a Minimum pay for all your career. Extra hours mandatory for engineer. Only have 30 minutes for lunch. Lunch not healthy and they don't care. Poor medical attention and they don't like to give time for external medical consults."


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Former Employee - Global Sourcing Specialist says

"Bad teamwork, not very cooperative"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low compensation. No work and life balance. No clear vision for local employees. Some assignments were totally unrelated with my job description. Overall, company doesn't care about local employees."

Sales & Marketing Associate says

"- Your happiness at this company solely depends on which division/your division head. Some are okay, most are not - No Human Resource department, meaning you have no where to report any mistreatment from your superiors - Things are ALWAYS changing. You can be in one division and the next day, asked to move. As a entry-level position, your opinion means nothing and you are forced to follow what your division head. - Depending on your division, you can work long exhausting hours that upper management expects from you. - No training whatsoever"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Very unprofessional management. No HR department to report verbal abuse. Low Pay. Works you to death. No Work/Life Balance. Prepare to be grilled all day by your superiors on your sales figures and then when you try to explain why you can't make a new order every day, get yelled at in the MOST condescending, unbelievable, and ridiculous manner. Trust me, you will not believe what comes out of these people's mouths, and yes they will get away with it because there is no HR and no disciplinary actions towards inappropriate behavior. THROW professionalism out the door. I have heard "shut the f up" and so many cuss words being thrown around to staff, it becomes normal chatter around your everyday work day. It is the worst. company. ever. Daewoo needs to understand that there IS A REASON turnover is so high in this company. Many employees will quit before a full year is over and most of the time couldn't leave earlier because they couldn't find a new job sooner."


"Busy work, everyone juggles balls. If you need low pressure and family/work balance, don't bother. Looking for high dollar salary, look elsewhere. Looking for a standard minimum raise every year, look elsewhere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Working Style:-Not Flexible and long working hours (even sometime weekends...norm for Koreans)....... Sale Oriented - Culture:- Strict Korean Hierarchy and respect is based on age.....(double standards) whether you like it or not...alot of irrelevant meeting.....no training provided (Self learn).....alot of "Blaming and Lecture"...... - Progression: No prospect growth - Salary:-Below market value - Benefit: Medical Claims (not 100% claim), Sick Leave, Insurance, Annual Leave, Performance Bonus...(No AWS)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Korean cultural company. Nothing international except Koreans."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too much paper work, internal meeting and briefing."


"too much politics that you will not like"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There are small possibilities for promoting"

Growing (Former Employee) says

"Pesima empresa pésimo trato de gerencia cero ayuda de growing contratista muy abusivos en cuanto que poco menos es tu obligación quedarte a trabajar horas extras si tú no quieres pésimo supervisor y después de todo te echan sin motivo solo por rotación no les aconsejo ir a esa ubicación laboral"

Agent de fabrication (Former Employee) says

"Me correspond pas .. une expérience étant jeune ... besoin de travaillerBonne relation clientPas d 'avantage"

Inspecteur Contrôle Qualité (Former Employee) says

"Good experience.i met a different people and culture ."

Ingénieur Génie Civil (Former Employee) says

"J'aime avoir beaucoup de responsabilités. De plus, j'adore avoir a prendre des décisions importante.Prise en chargePas de developement"

Site Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A nice Company comprising hard working people. Everyone had a tough time with high targets for job completion.site facilitieslesser transportation facilities"

PROMOTOR (Former Employee) says

"Buen clima laboral , bastante capacitación y compañerismoNingunoSobre exigencia en campañas sin pago extra"

Assistant Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"- good working environment - tele sales call to customers and complained handling - learned about the machinery products - a bit lack of management since the company mostly focus on the selling of heavy equipment and can not concentrate on the management - a bit Overwhelmed korean culture - to achieve sales target at the end of the month is abit hardest - team work is the most efficient to hit targetPhone allowancesshort break, travelling allowances"

PROMOTORA DE VENTAS (Former Employee) says

"Bueno siempre nos reuniamos para ver sobre ventas de la semana, aprendí y gané experiencia con los mismos compañeros, me gusto los horarios pero menos los domingos ya que era los únicos días de estar en familia y en cuanto a la empresa y de parte del supervisor que nunca cumplieron con mis vales nos prometieron porque no sólo era yo sino otras compañeras aparte de todo eso teniamos que llegar a un porcentaje para poder cobrar comisiones en la cual a veces no había ventas pero bueno en cuanto a lo demás todo estaba bien.Los beneficios que nos brindabanNo podiamos hacer cambios de dias de descansos cuando se trataba de urgencias"

Senior Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"It is a Good learning experience to work with Daewoo. As they have lot of senior employees. And all the works are systematic which will give you a good productive work."

PROMOTOR (Former Employee) says

"Falta apoyo por parte de supervisores y coordinador Pocas capacitaciones y poco efectivas Poco productoHorario flexibleBajo sueldo"

Mason/tilesetter (Former Employee) says

"I want to work us mason/ tilesetter, i have more experience from 1990 up to now, so i want to continue my job as much as possible the support to my family.Free accom.Long hours"

PIPING SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"being in a tropycal country was a great expirienced.. great mananagement. work as a team,.. good place."


"Turn overcmplete production targetsreduce the waste materialreduce defective productmy first job like supervisorno innovation department"

Pipefitter/Hydro document controller (Current Employee) says

"i learn alot of this oppurtunities come to me..its give additional knowledge in delling other people or co-work at job site,work together at the same time..me assign at the office work for Hydro department as a document controller,making daily report,making request for inspection for tomorrow activity,bolting and reinstatement.the hardest part of job im incounter when i start working in office in the time but lately is ok,im familiarize scope of work..and im happy to be part of this growing company and my other experience of work as a Document controller ..."

Kenny nineplus says

"Use AO.com instead or other online companies. See below. .............. Good Afternoon, I have tried contacting you to no avail and already sent this email to you a month ago. We cannot get through to the call centre and the local store keep passing the book. I will be going in again tomorrow and will be speaking to a manager as we are not getting anywhere. If you can help, please see below my previous email in which nobody has responded to. Dear Sir/madam I was in Currys Burnley last week after purchasing something else. Whilst there I asked about what to do regarding a faulty B button on the Xbox controller. He advised to bring it in with my agreement number and if it couldn't be repaired, it would be replaced. I went in again today as told to last week with the controller and my agreement paperwork. A different chap said you didn't repair controllers and to order another one on the internet from anywhere apart from eBay, send the receipt to you and you would refund! He then said we won't get hold of a controller from anywhere in the UK because there are none available anywhere. I have come home, gone onto your website and you do have the white controller in stock. Please advise what do I do. I seem to be wasting my time being given false or incorrect information by different people at your Burnley branch. Do I go back in and they will replace it there and then, or do I have to buy one, go in with the paperwork and receipt and they will refund under the claim of the agreement. Any help and guidance would be much appreciated. Kind regards. .......... ......... ........."

Shaun Gibbs says

"Terrible service. Purchased a fridge. It arrived broke. Trying to return it. They want to send an engineer out to fix it. I book one in they don’t show up. Now trying to get a refund and return but they are not responding. Disgusting service."

Valerie Carpenter says

"In good times its easy to manage a business. In bad times you need Leaders. Currys has none and found themselves out of their depth. Worse is to come. They owe a fortune to customers who just cannot get refunds. They sell stock they know they dont have. Its beyond belief but more importantly its beyond repair. Customers are leaving in droves after being misled and abused"

Brian Edge says

"Purchased Norton 360 from Currys by debit card on trying to load the product i have come to a brick wall. Norton online request my debit card details before accepting my product key. Why? i have paid for this in store.Trying to contact Norton to resolve this is like trying to contact the Captain of the Titanic Avoid Norton its a rip off sold by Currys"

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